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We spend our winters in Arizona volunteering, indulging our hobbies, and staying as active as possible. During the summer, we travel in our RV across America. Follow along as we share our travel joys, lessons learned, and experiences we’ll never forget!

Just Ask The Google

We aren’t the most technologically savvy people out there (don’t tell Carter I said that…he worked in technology for 20+ years and fancies himself an expert!). In fact, it feels like we were slow on the uptake when it comes to relying on Google. Now, we use if for pretty much EVERYTHING.  Every day, you’ll…

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A Perfect Week in Colorado

We lived in Colorado for 20+ years.  Now that we’ve moved away, going back really feels like a vacation and we realize we miss everything about the state!  Colorado is an amazingly beautiful place full of kind people and limitless activities.  It’s no wonder everyone wants to live in Colorado.  Who can blame them, right? …

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