Category: Living Simply

When we retired early, we downsized from nearly 6,000 square feet to 700. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve learned to love tiny, simple living. We’re also on an early retirement budget, so we have to look for ways to save and stretch our money as much as possible. We love sharing ways we keep our lives as simple as we can and learn from others.

Our Food Pantry Challenge

We’ve all gotten to the point where our freezer and pantry are overflowing and yet we can’t find anything to eat.  Well, we got like that a couple weeks ago, so we started our first ever “pantry challenge”.  We also need to pare down our food supplies as we get ready to transition into our…

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Bringing Sexy Back

Who would have guessed that one of the challenges of early retirement would be sex appeal?!?!  Well, when we wear t-shirts, gym shorts, and tennis shoes 95% of the time, we’re not all that S-E-X-Y.  Thank goodness we both like the casual look. 😊 Our closets and drawers are full of gym clothes. We have…

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